1)  Back in the 60’s the black community was functional.  Most African Americans were married.  Black kids were raised in two parent homes.  The black man was the head of the household.  The black family was solid.  African Americans believed in strong values:  Order, discipline, hardworking, education…  This was during the tail end of segregation period.

2)  MLK asked for equal rights

Martin Luther King Jr. became a prominent figure in America, and he was not happy with segregation.  He was not happy with the fact that blacks did not have the same rights as white America, so he started a movement for equal rights.  Yes, that’s correct equal rights.  At no time did African Americans ask for civil rights, we initially asked for equal rights.  Angered by Dr. King’s insistence on changing America’s landscape and fear of the power African-Americans possessed when united, white America who opposed Dr. King’s message had him killed.  Already a force, Dr. King’s murder did nothing to slow the civil rights movement. If anything, it made it stronger.  Upon recognizing this fact white America decided to give us civil rights, not equal rights but, civil rights.  By doing this the movement ended.  But for forcing white America to give us anything at all they decided to punish us.  They decided to destroy the black family as a punishment for being forced to give us civil rights.

3)  The white man decides to punish us for asking for equal rights by destroying the black family

At no time in history has white America given us a fair chance for making a life for ourselves here in this country.  The white man has always helped us take a step forward, then underhandedly pushed us back 5 steps.  When they ended slavery, we thought we arrived but, our punishment for freedom was getting sharecropping, Jim Crow and the beginning  of systematically locking up of black men.  After we received our freedom the white man refused to hire black men, then they came up with a law where unemployed black men should be locked up and forced to work in chain gangs.  Then we entered the period of segregation.  This was the period where white folks started believing the lie that they are the superior race, and us black can’t make it without them.  They gave us our own space, and for the most part they left us alone, as long as we stayed out of their areas, and stayed in our place.  During this period, without the white man’s negative influence we built thriving black communities all over the country.  We built black businesses and employed ourselves and educated ourselves.  When white America discovered how well we were doing without their help or influence they decided to destroy all of our thriving communities.  A little-known fact about the black Wall Street massacre, it all began because a black boy accidently bumped into a white girl in an elevator earlier that day.  Now touching, speaking to, or looking too hardly at a white girl by a black man was grounds for a lynching.  White men entered black wall street with intentions of lynching this black boy.  When they arrived at the boy’s home one of the white men is documented as saying these n’s have a piano in their house, I don’t even have a piano in my house.  Upon the white men realizing that the segregated blacks were living a better life than they were, they decided to destroy everything we had built.  They destroyed black Wall Street, they destroyed Roswell.  I’m from Detroit, and here in Detroit we had the thriving black community called Black Bottom.  The white man decided to put a freeway right through the middle of Black Bottom.  They could have put the freeway a mile on either side of the community, but chose to put it smack dab right through the middle of our thriving community.  By this time white America was mad at us blacks.  Because we proved to them that their lies were wrong.  Whites are not the superior race, and the black race did not need their assistance to be successful here in America.  We are the superior race, and the white man wanted to punish us for it.  They wanted to punish us for proving that they aren’t superior in any way, and we had the nerve to ask for equal rights too.  Whites were never able to give us equal rights, because they are the inferior race to us and we had just proven it to them.  So, they decided to punish us by destroying the black family.

By taking employment from the black man

4) white America replaces the black man by giving women welfare and section 8

They destroyed the black family.  Which in turn destroyed black communities.  How did they destroy the black family you may ask?  They destroyed the black family by destroying the black man.  They figured out the easiest way to destroy the black man, who was primarily the head of the family and provider for the family, is through employment, or specifically unemployment.  An unemployed black man was systematically removed from his primary role, provider for his family.  Starting in the late 60’s and early 70’s manufacturing jobs were removed from black communities and these were the primary employers for black men.  Upon removing the black man from his role as the provider for the family, white America knew they had to come up with a replacement for the role of provider for the black family. They decided to offer black women welfare and section 8.  In return for the government assistance women had to promise to keep the black man out of the family structure.

5)  The white man stops training us in public school

White America didn’t stop there, then they started removing skilled training classes from public schools.  There was a time a high school graduates left school with plumbing skills, auto mechanic skills, carpentry skills, skilled trade skills.  Skilled trade skills are the skills that pay the bills.  A man with skilled trade skills doesn’t need to ask for employment, he was capable of employing himself.  This was the final effort. So we thought, by white America to ensure that the black man could not get his primary role as provider back.  This made the black man dependent on White America for employment, but White America was refusing to give the black man employment at all.

 6)    After destroying the black man and the black family white America decided to ensure we would never recover by flooding our neighborhoods with drugs and alcohol.

White America destroyed the black family because they wanted to punish us black folk for forcing then to give us civil rights and ending segregation.  But they did not stop there.  White America wanted to ensure we would never be able to recover by flooding black communities with crack and alcohol.  As long as we were strung out on drug it would be almost impossible for us blacks to get ourselves back together, and do the work that that is required to restore the black family and the black community.

7)  This is how we ended up where we currently are.  It is not our fault.  We are just victims of a systematic effort by white America to hold us back.  To keep us from creating a successful existence for ourselves here in this country.  At no time in our history has white America given us blacks a fair chance at improving our situation.  We need to immediately stop asking white America to come in and save us.  White America is the reason we need saving in the first place.  Our only hope is to stand up, and fight back.  We need to save ourselves.  BuyGE is a very workable plan.  But it only works if we are all willing to stand and fight together.  It’s time we stopped asking the people that hurt us the most for help.  Stand with me and let’s take our proper place here in this country.  The time for asking for help and asking for permission is over.