Your Role in the BuyGE Plan

Save $1000

The New York Stock Exchange values General Electric stock at approximately $10 per share, and $1000 will get you roughly 100 shares of GE stock. If $1000 is too much of a strain, save $100. If $100 is still too taxing, save $10. The point is for African-Americans to purchase as much GE stock as possible.

Open an investment account

Select a financial institution and open a trading account which should will you to save any amount of money. You can also open an IRA which has a savings limit of $6000 per year. An IRA is a retirement account that will ultimately serve as your legacy fund transferable to your descendants.

Become a member of www.buyge.com

To participate in the BuyGE plan, become a member of www.buyge.com for $1 per month or $12 annually. I made every effort to keep costs at a minimum.

Gain access to the BuyGE database

After becoming a member, you will gain access to the BuyGE database. You will be responsible for tracking the number of shares you own. The database will track our combined efforts to buy GE. You will never be asked to make donations, and you retain ownership and control of all stock that you purchase.

For this plan to be successful, our people need to know about it. Help me spread the word by sharing my YouTube videos on your social media platforms. This plan needs to be brought to the attention of every African-American man and woman.

BuyGE’s Role in the Plan

  • BuyGE will provide a central database to keep track of our combined efforts in buying General Electric.
  • BuyGE will provide a Black Business database to all members such that we can support each other and buy black.
  • The power in this plan comes from our voting rights as shareholders. Each shareholder gets one vote per share they own. Shareholders do not always participate in the voting process. As a shareholder, if you are unable to vote, you can choose someone to act as your proxy to vote on your behalf. Choosing a proxy does not forfeit your stock ownership rights.  BuyGE will manage the stock proxy process by finding the most qualified African-American person to vote on behalf of each member. This person will need voting rights for 51% of the common shares GE currently has available for purchase.
  • BuyGE will accept responsibility for any legal expenses that incur as a result of our efforts to take over General Electric.

At no time will I or do I have a personal interest in General Electric outside of the 100 shares of GE stock I will purchase. It is not my intent to gain employment benefits or profit from GE in any way.